Month: November 2017

Kyle Rohrig was one of the first people I wanted to interview on my podcast, so it is somehow fitting that it has taken me more than 60 episodes to finally get the chance to speak with him. For me, it was worth the wait. He comes across as a modest, quiet guy with hiking now firmly in his blood. He made an attempt on the Continental Divide Trail this summer to complete his Triple Crown. The weather played a part in aborting that hike, yet he has now set himself up the opportunity to complete the Triple Crown with his girlfriend, and friend of the show, Jessica “Dixie” Mills.




Kyle and his “aloof” dog, Katana, have appeared in several viral posts on the internet, with the Lion King moments a highlight. When I asked Kyle for pictures, he sent as many of Katana as he did of himself.


If you’d like to find out more about Kyle and his adventures, you can visit his website, and his blog, at , while you can also follow him, as boundless_roamd, on Instagram.


Kyle wrote about his journey on the AT in 2014 with Lost on the Appalachian Trail, following up that big success with his latest, Hear The Challenge: Hike The Appalachian Trail. Click on either link and you’ll be taken directly to Kyle’s book pages on Amazon.



In Doc Spot, Lynne Savino terrifies us all once more with thoughts and remedies for Altitude Sickness. This has been such a successful spot on the show that we’d love to extend its run. If you have any medical issues regarding hiking that you’d like Lynne to consider for us, please drop me an email at and I’ll pass them on to Lynne.


Please remember to join me and Bruce Matson every Monday morning on our other podcast, Returning to Katahdin: An Appalachian Trail Dream. Here, we chat about Bruce’s preparation for his upcoming thru-hike in 2018. We’ll also be catching up with him twice a week from the trail.


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Jessica Mills has become something of a YouTube sensation, with her Appalachian Trail videos securing a base of support during her 2015 thru-hike. However, that support has grown exponentially this year, as she took on, and beat, the Pacific Crest Trail, battling the snow in the Sierras, then smoke from fires the rest of the way.



Her breezy delivery, thoughtful commentary, great pictures (including some taken from a drone, and sheer bravado in the face of difficult conditions, have made her PCT vidoes required viewing for aspiring and veteran hikers alike. Jessica discusses this year’s hike with Steve and answers the inevitable question, “Did you prefer the AT or the PCT?”



Jessica is very active on social media, under the name of Homemade Wanderlust, and she can be contacted through the following sites.


Facebook: homemadewanderlust

Instagram: @homemadewanderlust

YouTube: homemadewanderlust

Patreon: homemadewanderlust

Twitter: @homemadeWL

You can also find Jessica’s book about her 2015 Appalachian Trail thru-hike on Amazon



Lynne Savino gives us another Doc Spot, with her spotlight focused on heat related illness. Steve remains utterly clueless in these pieces and thanks Lynne for her diligence in bringing this important information to hikers. If a hiker learns the thing that can save his or her life then Lynne’s work will be rewarded.


Please check out our sister podcast, Returning to Katahdin: An Appalachian Trail Dream, featuring a detailed look at Bruce Matson’s attempt to hike the AT in 2018. If you want to find out more about Bruce and his hike, go to his website,


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A thru-hike of the Appalachian Trail isn’t everybody’s idea of the best way to spend time in the woods. Judy Mikesell became interested in the trail through her son’s thru-hike several years ago. She knew that she didn’t want to thru-hike but she certainly wanted to visit the various parts of the trail. Her novel approach has enabled her to build her own version of hiking the AT without ever needing to go without a shower or needing to use a privy.




To try to get as full an AT experience as possible, Judy also took part in the Half-Gallon Challenge at Pine Furnace Grove. From the look of the picture above, it didn’t look like it went too well. Judy is very much into the outdoors, setting herself a similar biking challenge to the one she has her sights set on for the AT, as well as snowshoeing in the winter.



Doc Spot sees Lynne giving us (or at least me) entirely new information about lightning and what to do should you get caught in a storm. Also, click on this link for further information from the NOAA.


Don’t forget to check out our other podcast, Returning to Katahdin: An Appalachian Trail Dream, where we follow Bruce Matson as he prepares, then executes his 44-year dream of thru-hiking the AT. At the same time, Bruce is also raising funds for the Appalachian Trail Conservancy. You can learn more about Bruce and his mission by visiting his website,


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I’m back with my class of 2014 again. This week, we have another of those powerful, independent women, Stacey Bucklin, or Stylez. Stacey had wanted to do the trail for quite some time and, when the time was right, she walked away from a job and went on her adventure. She rightly notes in our interview that interrupting your career path isn’t necessarily a bad thing.




Stacey is truly passionate about the trail and hiking and the outdoors in general. She even shares her current home with four snakes! While it is incomplete, Stacey kept an excellent blog for the first 1,000 miles with plenty of pictures and a real feeling of what it is like on the trail. She can also be reached on Instagram and Twitter. Just click on any of the links.



Lynne Savino gives us a really interesting Doc Spot, following her hypothermia section last week with how to avoid, or what to do if you get, frostbite. If you’d like her recent first aid kit, just drop me an email.


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The Appalachian Trail is a test for hikers at any stage in life and many people hike their own hikes vicariously through their family members. One of our listeners, Rick Schroeder, sent me an email to thank me for our podcast. While doing so, he mentioned that his son, Silas, had just completed a thru-hike if the trail in September. I was immediately interested in talking with Silas, as his Dad shared some of the changes in Silas that had taken place during his recent adventure. I was not disappointed. He proved to be an articulate, intelligent guest, with a strong sense of family, both trail and parental.




Silas would love to catch up with any friends he met on the trail and shared his email,, for people to contact him directly. Additionally, he’s got a bunch of pics from his hike on Instagram under @silas_schro. He has a blog and a YouTube page with just a couple of videos, so click the links as appropriate.




Doctor Lynne gave us some really valuable information about hypothermia, nearly all of which was entirely new to me. Several people have asked for a copy of Lynne’s First Aid List from a few weeks ago. Just email me, at if you’d like a copy.


We also gave you a teaser to our new show, Returning to Katahdin: An Appalachian Trail Dream, in which Bruce Matson will be attempting a thru-hike of the AT next year and we’ll be following him all the way. Look out for the new show on the morning of Monday, November 6. It will be on iTunes, YouTube and everywhere that you listen to your podcasts. If you’d like to learn more, check out Bruce’s website,


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