Episode #11 – Gabe Burkhardt (Hermes or Sketch)

Gabe Burkhardt has hiked on the Appalachian Trail three times: 2014, 2015, and 2016. He completed his thru-hike in 2016 but has covered more than 4,000 miles on the trail. When I hiked with Gabe, in 2014, he was known as Hermes, and his calm intensity left quite an impression upon those around him.

Coming back to the trail with the intention of an entire thru-hike in 2016, he charted his course with a truly visceral blog, named Almost Unsalvageable. He has a bunch of his artwork on the site and I’ve included a couple of examples at my website, mightyblueontheat.com, in the show notes for this episode (for some reason, these pics don’t get shown on iTunes or Stitcher). The first one is of Gabe on the sign at Katahdin, the second is a picture of the indispensable Miss Janet, while the third is a terrific representation of the AT sign, made from the equally indispensable Snickers!!



You can also contact Gabe at gabeburkhardt@me.com and he’d be delighted to give you any assistance that he can.

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