Episode #51 – Daryl Fleischer (Road Trip)


Daryl Fleischer is aware that his thru-hike, hopefully with his lovely wife, is several years in his future. He has work and family responsibilities, like many of us. Yet his joy at being a weekend or occasional day hiker shines through in our conversation. He is a self-confessed trail addict and is prepared to work for his hiking fixes, including sleeping in his car overnight to get a good spot on McAfee Knob the next morning.




If you’d like to follow our weekend warrior, you can connect with Daryl through Facebook.



John Boyet returns to feed us another serving of information. This time, John is talking about food and the various options available to hikers. You can always reach out to John for more advice at john@trailwalkergear.com.


Don’t forget to return to the show next week. I will be celebrating my one year of podcasting and will mark it by talking with Jessa after her successful return from Katahdin.

2 Comments on “Episode #51 – Daryl Fleischer (Road Trip)

  1. I hiked from Catawba 311 to Daleville on Friday and Saturday (9/15 – 9/16). I was following Dixie’s suggested hike from here blog/YT post. I had intended to listen to the last two episodes of this podcast while on trail but I had no reception with AT&T while all the Verizon users were rocking it. Anyway listened to this podcast while driving fourteen hours back to SW Missouri and thoroughly enjoyed it! I concur that Tinker Cliffs view is just as good if not better than McAfee Knob! Spectacular!

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