Episode #70 – Jack Masters (Vagabond Jack)

Jack Masters is a member of the Class of 2018. While he’s been interested in the possibility of hiking the Appalachian Trail, a year ago it didn’t seem likely. But life changes and Jack has had a tumultuous year. Despite this, he has taken control of and redirected his life and, in a couple of short weeks, Vagabond Jack will be testing himself once more. He even decided to travel and hitched his wagon to hit the road.



I met Jack as a listener to my show. We emailed back and forth and he eventually decided to join the Fat Guys, and Gals, Back in the Woods. I took to him instantly and we became friends. Despite this experience (as opposed to because of it), Jack announced to our group that a thru-hike of the Appalachian Trail was in his future. This picture was taken on our hike together.



I hope that you all follow Jack on his journey. You can find his blog on Trail Journals and you can also reach him on Facebook.



Doctor Lynne has plenty of good advice on how to look after orthopedic injuries, with me, once again, providing the idiot questions.


Don’t forget to follow our other show, Returning to Katahdin, with Bruce Matson. Bruce is also getting near the start of his adventure and this week we discuss his winter gear.


I’m so pleased that Trailtopia has continued to support the show, signing up for a further six months. I hope that you support them and, in doing so, you’ll be supporting me.

4 Comments on “Episode #70 – Jack Masters (Vagabond Jack)

  1. Thank you! Always love to read stories about the Trail. It is such an Rebirth for most people. Their experiences and encounter’s are enlightening. Where can I buy a copy of your book? Happy Trailing to you 👍

    1. Rebecca. So glad that you’re enjoying the shows. You can order them (630 pages and two volumes) on Amazon but I can selll them as a pair for $20 plus $5 shipping). Email me at steve@mightyblueontheat.com with your address and I’ll ship them to you. You can send the check when you get them. Cheers. Steve

  2. Gentlemen,
    Happened upon your Podcast this morning and so enjoyed listening. Finally, I can relate to some of the apprehension and trials of the Appalachian Trail.
    Am planning to thru hike with my sister, leaving March 20 and heading North. Will definitely be listening in preparation and hope to meet some of you seasoned hikers out on the trail.
    My favorite line from today’s podcast was….”eventually, you’ll get there!”
    By the time we reach our present ages, we’ve all been through many hard things in our lives. We may not be the most physically fit or the most savvy on the latest and greatest equipment, or even able to decipher the L or R on the trekking poles, but we do bring something to the experience the younger hikers do not nor will not have….life experience.
    Hope to meet many of you out there.
    Debbie Trail name yet to be determined

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